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Pregnant After 40 Naturally:
The Essential Guide

The ONLY guide designed specifically for women over 35 and into their 40s trying to conceive naturally, developed by someone who conceived naturally TWICE in her 40s.

Image by Bich Ngoc Le
Image by Jonathan Borba

This is for you if...

You are over 35 and want to—or dream about—conceiving a beautiful, healthy baby...


What if you could confidently prepare your body, mind, and spirit for natural conception without second-guessing your choices, adding more stress OR breaking the bank…


And you had a primer to guide you along the way, answer your questions, and help you and your partner with one of the most important journeys of your life?


From someone who has been through it (twice), spent hours (and days) researching what works and what doesn’t, and is ready to tell it all to help you achieve your dream baby.

Hi, I'm Anca!

I’m a wife, mother to two beautiful girls, bookworm, unapologetic chocolate lover, tree-hugger, and recovering perfectionist. 


When I was in my late 30s, my husband and I decided to start a family. The first year, we tried but weren’t very intentional. I was fit, healthy, and figured it wouldn’t be long before I became pregnant. I didn’t track my ovulation, didn’t change anything in my diet, and didn’t take any supplements aside from folic acid.


But as the months went by... 

  • I found myself holding my breath and hoping I wouldn’t get my period when that time of the month came.

  • I also started wondering why I wasn’t getting pregnant.

  • I went to see my OB and was told that I was "running out of time" and that I was of "advanced maternal age."

  • My OB told me to try for about six months then to come back for a referral to a fertility specialist.


Clearly, she wasn’t expecting much.


While I knew I was older, I didn’t realize the situation was so "dire." It felt like a punch in the gut. I began wondering whether we’d ever get to have our little family. We had a dog at the time, who was our furry baby, but still, we longed for a human baby.


After a lot of soul-searching (and some research)...

  • I decided that I didn’t agree with my OB.

  • I felt that, with the proper nutrition, guidance, and support, I could become pregnant naturally.

  • Fast forward a couple of (what felt like VERY long) years, I became pregnant with our first baby girl.

  • Another three years (and one miscarriage) later, I became pregnant with our second baby girl.


Between my original meeting with my OB and my first pregnancy, I spent hours and days researching and learning more about what we could do to improve our odds to conceive naturally. We added people to our team who believed that we could do it and who supported us. We changed some of our lifestyle, nutrition, mindset… left no stone unturned.  


After we became pregnant the second time, many of our friends asked what we did—apparently, we made it seem easy?!?!


So my husband and I put together a simple, digestible, highly resourceful guide with a list of the major actions we took. After we shared this a few times, I was asked if I was going to elaborate on some of the topics and whether I could make this available to others, to support them on their journey. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it. I was focused on my family and my business and was concerned that this would be a distraction.


But then I was reminded by a couple of friends and by my husband that sharing this could help give someone one of the biggest gifts possible: a beautiful little human being. Even if one mama was able to conceive, what a gift! And they were so right!


I set about to write down everything that I had learned on my journey and did additional research to make sure I was including up-to-date data and studies. And the guide was born.


The reality is that my two little girls have changed our lives. It has been an amazing, mind-expanding, awe-inspiring journey, from conception until the present moment, and I am sure it will continue into the future. Words can’t even describe how grateful I am to have conceived two healthy little babies naturally.


That’s what I want for YOU, too.


Pregnant After 40 Naturally is the essential guide to prepare your body, mind, and spirit for one of the most magical experiences of your life—from someone who’s been just as anxious, stressed, and scared as you might be right now.


It addresses some of the concerns you may have, if you are over 35 and trying to conceive.

If you want to...

  • Improve your egg quality (and have your partner improve his sperm quality)

  • Learn what to do prior to conceiving to set your body up for success (even more important the older you are)

  • Address not just the physical but also the mental and spiritual sides of conception (because it’s all interconnected and just as important)

  • Conceive naturally, or at least do everything you can to increase the odds of it happening without IUI or IVF

  • Prepare your body for IUI or IVF if you do choose to go that route after having tried to conceive naturally


…without spending days researching this stuff or asking others in FB groups, then this guide is for you.


I’d be honored to support you in your conception journey.

Mother Playing with Baby

This guide...

  • Provides you with ​100+ pages of information to support you on your conception journey

  • Is being used by over 300 women to support a natural conception at an "advanced maternal age"

  • Is the ONLY guide out there designed specifically for women over 35 who are trying to conceive naturally

  • Was developed by someone who conceived naturally TWICE in her 40s, so you can trust that it works!



There are hundreds of ladies who have used or are using the guide right now to increase the odds of conceiving naturally. While most prefer to keep their journey private, there are a few who have shared their thoughts on the guide…

“Tons of information if you are looking to start your journey trying to conceive in your 40’s.”


“The fertility issues section was very informative and I like the holistic approach to cutting out toxins, etc!”


“This is a great primer in tackling pregnancy over 40.”


"[The Guide] was very informative and easy to read in bitesize sections meaning I could pick it up and read the bits I felt were relevant to me or that interested me the most."


"It goes into detail and covers everything one needs to think about."


"Friendly tone and lots of information."


Image by Irina Murza

Get Your Guide Now

If you are ready to jump in and take action to improve your chances of conceiving, I invite you to get the guide. Wishing you all the best!

Family Pic Raluca 2.jpg

And a final note...

To conceive a healthy baby, you don’t have to just trust me…


You have to trust YOURSELF.


You have to trust that…


You are worth it. The time you invest in caring for yourself in preparation for conception is time well spent for you and your future family.


You are capable of making these changes and preparing your body, mind, and spirit, and so is your partner.


You can go on this journey of beauty and self-discovery with grace and compassion, patience, curiosity, and eagerness.


This is a process and a journey, and you are in the driver’s seat, even though there may be uncertainty and you may feel a lack of control.


And most importantly?


Your body was meant for this. You are capable of conceiving, bearing, and delivering a beautiful, healthy baby.

I believe you’re absolutely capable of it.

And the Pregnant After 40 Naturally guide is designed to set you up for success.

So if you’re ready to do this… I look forward to supporting you through the guide and to hearing about your journey afterwards.


No matter what you choose, I wish you much success in your journey.


Love and baby dust to you,


P.S. Yes, that is a picture of us shortly after our second daughter was born. 

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