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Pregnant After 40: The Essential Guide

Pregnant After 40: The Essential Guide

If you have been trying to conceive and have been labelled 'AMA' (advanced maternal age) and told that you have a low chance of conceiving a healthy baby, then this guide is for you. 


If you want to:

  • Improve your egg quality (and have your partner improve his sperm quality)
  • Learn what to do prior to conceiving to set your body up for success (even more important the older you are)
  • Address not just the physical, but also the mental and spiritual sides of conception (because it’s all interconnected and just as important)
  • Conceive naturally, or at least do everything you can to increase the odds of it happening without IUI or IVF
  • Prepare your body for IUI or IVF if you do choose to go that route after having tried to conceive naturally


… without spending days researching this stuff or asking others in FB groups, then this guide is for you.


This 100+ page guide is the result of hours and days of research which I did to conceive both of my children naturally in my 40s. I developed it, at the request of friends, to help others conceive naturally while in their 40s. 



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